Contract Packing

With over 15 years of experience handling a wide variety of projects, our team of packing experts is ready to help you with your Contract Packing needs from our site in Highworth, Swindon.

We are proud that the site meets the requirements of BRC Storage and Distribution (including contract packing module 13) and has achieved an AA rating. Our Quality assurance team is highly experienced in handling a wide variety of food and non-food components and can tailor inspection criteria to meet the unique needs of each project, be this at material intake, assembly, or finished product conformity. 

Our bonded ambient site offers covered docking for loading and unloading of goods in all weather. Our 33,000 sq ft facility has over 2800 pallet spaces and ample space for running multiple jobs in a secure and controlled manner.      

The well-lit and flexible workspace is ideal for a multitude of packing operations including:
  • Hand Assembly
  • Collation & Reconfiguration
  • Promotional Work & Gift Packing
  • Labelling & Tagging
  • Container Unloading, Palletising and Inspection
  • Rework & Rectification
  • Vacuum Packing

The team is familiar with a wide variety of manual operations and can flexibaly meet the needs of your projects.

We are here to help, and would love to hear from you about your project requirements.

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