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Experts in food sourcing and supply
We are experts in food sourcing and supply, ensuring the highest quality of products are created and delivered, in an affordable way, to our customers – for their customers.

We develop new products to excite our customers and find the source, that best fits their requirements. Ensuring that we deliver and exceed customer technical and quality standards, we negotiate and professionally procure goods through cultivating relationships.

We take care of all logistics and customs operations, from inspecting and storing all goods received to customer levels to picking and distributing to exceed customer expectations.

Actively managing and developing our customers with full reporting and high-quality customer service is all part of what we do as leading experts in food sourcing and supply.
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An inspiring history
A fourth-generation family business pioneering the food industry since the 1890s.
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Specialising in chilled, ambient and frozen food products. 

We supply our customers with a wide range of chilled, ambient and frozen food products: poultry, meat, fish, seafood, plant-based, convienience products and specialist meals categories.